This time of year is ideal for planting pot grown shrubs and perennials. The soil is still warm, giving the plants chance to put down a good root system which helps them survive the ravages of winter and gives them a head start in spring. Perennials can be split to refresh them, and increase plant stock in other areas of the garden.

Many shrubs succumb to powdery mildew as summer fades into autumn. Although it does little harm at this time of year, it can become unsightly but is easily treated using a ready mixed spray on fungicide. It is advisable to clear away affected leaves and burn or dispose of them. Do not put them on the compost heap as this allows the spores to overwinter and re-emerge in spring.

Owing to the warm days and large amounts of rain we have had recently, the grass is still growing well. Now is the ideal time to treat the lawn with an autumn feed and moss killer. We have a selection of easy to apply lawn treatments to feed, weed and kill moss on your lawn.

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